July-August Book Adoption

Let Us Wander Project will be having a monthly (except July to August) book giveaway. 

I’m planning to pack my bags soon and reducing stuff is another step I begrudgingly have to do. Especially if it’s my books. I’m not so sure how quickly this would go (delivery system) which is why I extended it until August. How would this go? I have no idea. (Sorry, hahahaha)

IMG_0189[1]For July to August, I’d be giving my “The Rest of Us Just Live Here” book. I might add some letter in it to make it special. Note: I’m a highlighter. Not the noun but the verb. I highlight my favorite lines in the book because I want the next reader to take it as a message or anything. If you don’t like that, I apologize but it’s already done. hoho

Anyway, here’s how it goes:

  • Tell me a story about your experiences and write it in a short story style. It can be yours, others, I don’t mind as long as its original. It must be in the real life spectrum of course. Tell me how you survived a situation and what you learned from those experiences, tell me how it changed you or someone.
  • If you allow it, I can post your story here, winner or not and you can request something doable. Send the story at letuswanderproject@gmail.com.
  • Unfortunately, I can only choose a winner from the Philippines because I’ll be broke if I ship internationally. But I’m absolutely going to make it possible soon because my Project isn’t meant to be limited. It’s just that, I’m currently poor. Anyone can still send though, with or without the perks. I apologize if it felt disappointing.
  • I don’t have high standards, but I can read Tagalog and English. So if it’s French, I’m afraid I can’t read it. I’ll be choosing by the story’s flow (like how “impactful” it is) I don’t care about grammar or anything (a little effort would be good though), just the meaning and the content. But, you cannot include photos or videos, only words. Let’s prove how powerful words can be.
  • Note that this blog event is not currently commercialized, just a book adoption project for those who’d love to take care of one. Just us sharing, nothing else.

Also, this blog is just starting, and I’m currently alone with it. The process might not be as fast but I’ll guarantee I’m reading them 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!

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