About The Let Us Wander Project

If we can share things without throwing away what can possibly save lives, then maybe we can be able to make the world a better place. The Let Us Wander Project is for everyone who feels like art is the saving matter from their mental/physical/emotional health status.

Let’s have a blast by reading stories, poems, lyrics, etc. and remind each other that they’re not alone. Let’s listen to what others can say or watch what they can show, let’s travel and help others get out of their comfort zone – you get the idea.

Currently, it’s just me, Zee. (Expect a slow movement from this site. hahaha) So, it would be me who’s telling stories, for now. Except, this is not my blog, it will be everyone’s. Tell me your story, I’ll tell you mine – we learn, we help, we create, we grow.

And since I love books, movies, music, TV shows etc. I’d be writing reviews of most of them. You can too, if you want it posted here.

If you want to share a snippet of your art or story, or if you want to help me with this site (why not) email me at: letuswanderproject@gmail.com

“I go to seek the great perhaps.” – John Green, Looking for Alaska


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