Why You Should: Watch “Supernatural”

TV.com: 9.1/10

Before you start reading, go enjoy at least 13 replays of their theme song, “CARRY ON WAYWARD SON” just because.

Sam and Dean goes on a hunting trip and the world was never the way it was. This fantasy horror TV series has been running for 12 seasons and counting. It’s soon going to its 13th season and it consists of more than 250 episodes. It might take a while for you to catch up but hey, it’s worth it.

Supernatural is not your typical horror TV show and I can’t even call it horror myself. It consists of demons, angels, vampires, shapeshifters, gins, ghosts, leviathans and anything that you can find in the ancient lore – but that’s old news. What cracks me up is that, its episodes don’t concentrate on drama. In fact, you might just end up watching a commercial about Genital Herpes and love the characters still. (Or watch an angel drink a liquor store.)

Over the years, a lot of characters were introduced, killed, born again, killed again, and  some of them exploded but still lives. It took me a month to binge watch these episodes and I’m still not tired.

The actors have been loyal to the show as well. Jared and Jensen spent more than a decade in it by remaining in the show and it doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. You might also find yourself in a large fandom, cracking jokes about everything that happens in each episodes.

But seriously, Supernatural is about A LOT OF THINGS and I don’t want to spoil you by giving you a detailed story and theory if a character lives or dies. And if you’re into that, start with “Pilot” and sit comfortably `cause it’s going to be a long ride in the impala.

Show theme: Comedy, Supernatural, Family, Drama

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