Personal Blog: Linkin’ Park

I started drafting this when I heard about Chester Bennington’s death. Before I start I have to state three facts: I am not the kind of fan that knows ALL of their songs, though I am updated with their albums and pick a few; My childhood revolved a lot on Linkin’ Park, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Secondhand Serenade, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, Lifehouse, and other bands that were present in the 2000’s. Even if I know the song, it’s possible that I don’t remember the band name; This is because my father taught me a lot about these kinds of music and I grew up wanting to write like them because of my experiences.

I intended to write a blog about Why You Should: Listen to “Linkin’ Park” except this is more like my sadness that a recommendation.

I barely know Chester Bennington to be honest, I did not follow his life story, only their band’s songs. But what saddened me the most, along with my mother (she knows a lot about him), is the suicide part.

Writing is often the saving grace most poets or musicians or lyricists out there turn to. But it felt like writing did not save Chester even if he and his band were just so good at expressing the feelings and emotions we cannot speak about presently and during our childhood. When they released their recent album, first I heard was “Heavy” and once again, I found a safe spot. But it felt like a saving from someone who cannot be saved. I felt so scared that writing may not be enough.

I’ve watched his interviews talking about depression and I immediately felt guilty. I was thinking, “maybe because I was so focused on my own sadness I failed to see the others’.” I hope we improve from this, I hope we try harder than this.

These fears will probably continue, but I hope whoever will read this, will still seek for help or assist others. I’m not gonna say suicide is not an option nor would I say it is. But it’s out there and we’re losing people. If we can do something about it, if we can learn more about it – I hope we do.

Use every means to accompany you with help hotlines or find anything that will make you “feel” to make the world a better place.

Hope you have a good day today!

  • Zebrazee

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