Why You Should: Follow “Nas Daily”

There’s a slight chance you’ve heard about this guy who makes one-minute videos of every story, country, experience, person and religion he has encountered with. He also wears the same shirt for every video (I think he washes them). Yep, that’s Nas Daily. He posts on Facebook entirely, (No YouTube account) by his own means and reasons.

PS: This is not a paid ad, I just genuinely appreciate his work as it inspires the wanderer in me.

The first time I’ve heard about this guy was when I watched his video about my country of origin, the Philippines. I was glad about the facts he stated about my country from it’s beautiful landscapes to its poverty ruled areas. It was an 8-minute long video about my homeland (Video title, “8 DAYS IN THE PHILIPPINES IN 8 MINUTES”). But that video alone didn’t really please me that much, I was much more enriched by his video about his Passport facts. By watching more of his videos, I’ve learned how much boundaries are created around the world due to such sensitive factors. We either get the privilege or we do not.


Apparently, he’s not allowed to enter some countries because of his origin, but that didn’t stop him from making a noise. And it was a noise worth hearing about. It was a noise where he would speak about facts by not undermining its aspects, just the truth that we eventually get to enjoy and learn about.

As far as I’ve learned, he’s been to around 57 countries already and I’m impressed ’cause I’ve only been into two. My country included. Which is why if you’re still saving up and a little inspiration or trigger can make you feel alive, I hope you go check it out. That’s a blog, see you tomorrow.

  • Zebrazee



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